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Boston Airport (IATA: BOS)

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    Boston Airport has 103 gate positions total divided among four terminals A, B, C, and E. All terminals are connected by pre-security shuttle buses, as well as between Terminals A, B and E via moving walkways pre-security.

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    Boston Airport Terminals

    Moving walkways also connect the terminals to a central parking garage designed for consolidated service between all 4 terminals and the garage itself

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    Boston Airport destinations

    Boston Airport is also a destination of many major European airlines. Boston serves direct flights to all continents.

Boston Airport, also known as General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport (IATA: BOS) is located in the East Boston neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts . Boston Airport covers a vast space of almost 1,010 hectares and has six runways, and employs 16,000 people.

Boston Airport is the 19th busiest airport in the United States and the 43th in the world with over 27 million passengers a year Boston Airport was inaugurated 8th september 1923.

Nowadays Boston Airport serves as a focus city for JetBlue Airways.

Delta Air Lines and US Airways also carries out many operations from Boston airport, and all major airlines fly to Boston from all or the majority of their primary and secondary hubs.

It is also a destination of many major European airlines. Boston airport has service to destinations in the United States, as well as Africa, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, and South America.

Logan Boston Airport has four passenger terminals, A, B, C and E, each with its own ticketing, baggage claim, and ground transportation facilities.

The terminals of Boston Airport are connected to the central parking garage by a walkway system.

Today, Boston Airport continues to develop and change as it strives to provide the latest in first class security, technology and customer service to all its passengers.

Boston Airport connections

Boston airport is well connected with major airports of the world from different continents. Most airports in America, such as Chicago or Las Vegas or San Francisco interoperates with Boston with a large number flights during the year.

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Passengers from Boston airport can easily fly to major European cities. The connections with important airports like London, Paris, Belfast, Lisbon, Nantes, Rome, Milan, Pisa are excellent and cheap.

If you have planned to visit Spain, you can flight to main cities like Barcelona or Madrid, or other less important like Girona, Reus, Malaga Airport, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza Airport, Bilbao, Valencia or Tenerife, among others.

Boston airport also operates in minor important european airports such as Auckland, Bristol, Cardiff, Cork and Bournemouth.

Travelling to Central Europe is also simple; Boston Airport connects to Dusseldorf, Eindhoven Airport, Geneva (Switzerland) or Heathrow London Airport.

South America is also connected to Boston, being able to travel to Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo ...), Argentina, Chile, Peru ...


Boston is the Massachusett's capital and the American's Nation bithplace.

Boston is also known for its university, hospitals and prestigious laboratories, which translates Boston into a cultural and rich community.

There you can find the first library of USA, the oldest US metro and a lot of interesting points related with the history of the American continent.